From e-Books to complete product launches, we've done it all.

The unique partnership we are able to have with publishers allows us to use our media skills to create successful product launches into varied and ever-changing markets across the globe.  Whether it be a book trailer, audiobook or ebook creation, website build, or another desired element - our professional team of voices alongside our media team wins every time. 

One of our recent projects, Parenting Without Regret, contained many of the elements we love about the publishing industry. Our team of experts was given a print book and they turned it into an e-book, audiobook, 7-day mini course, infographics and teaching material, multi-product website - complete with a catchy book trailer!

We would highly recommend the book, too! It touches on topics that are a common struggle among parents: How do we help our children overcome their insecurities? How do we deal with the challenges of our culture and protect our kids’ purity? How do we prepare them for the future? How do we help them develop their own relationship with God and live life on mission?